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The Family is a cargo bike with electric assist that quickly and safely carries your children across town. The bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame and can be easily and smoothly maneuvered through traffic jams. Together with our practical accessories, such as a folding bench or extra child’s seat on the back, you can completely customize it to your family needs. Everything in Dutch design. So, no car needed; cycling it is! REQUEST MORE INFO

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The Cargo is the most efficient means of transportation to make the last mile a green mile. It’s fast, immune to traffic jams and can also carry quite a freight. But apart from its many business advantages the Cargo has another big plus that makes it even more attractive than a van; this bicycle keeps the city livable. It doesn’t emit CO2 or any other polluting particles and rides without a sound. Therefore a great asset to the environment. And to your company’s image of course. REQUEST MORE INFO

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The Shorty is a tough commute bike. With the electric assist and comfortable continuously variable transmission it moves your stuff from A to B in no time. In a green way, that is. Because unlike a scooter, the Shorty emits no CO2 or other polluting particles and is noiseless. And, before we forget it, its Dutch design gives it a pretty cool look! REQUEST MORE INFO

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XL and XXL cargo frames coming Spring 2016

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Frames can be modified for a variety of lifestyles.

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