Police officers focused on community policing have called the Segway Patroller an invaluable tool. Officers who ride Patrollers agree that the most significant advantages to riding them are that they’re:
  • Visible and help project a stronger police presence
  • Able to efficiently patrol larger areas 3x faster than on foot and with less fatigue
  • Capable of traveling indoors, outdoors and over varied and uneven terrain
  • Empowered to easily facilitate positive interaction with the communities they serve
  • Able to proactively gather intelligence from citizens and ultimately prevent crime

Case Studies

Please take a few moments to peruse police case studies to learn more about real-world implementation of the Segway Patroller.


Washington, DC Parking Enforcement Team (PDF)

Improving efficiency and increasing revenue with Segway Patrollers helps officers issue approximately 1.6 million violation tickets each year.


Bridgeport Case Study (PDF)

Read on to learn how the Segway Patroller has become the Bridgeport Police Department’s most valuable community policing tool.


Training & Implementing the Segway PT In a Patrol Environment (PDF)

The Washington Metro PD provides specialized Segway Patroller training within its vehicle skills unit. Members of the department believe the Segway Patroller is an extension of the department’s philosophy, which includes the innovative use of people and technology to protect the public.


Law Officer Magazine Feature Article, April 2008 (PDF)

Learn how campus security, beach patrol, bomb squads, and municipal police departments use the versatile Segway Patroller in their daily patrols.


Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center (PDF)

Segway Patrollers are used to patrol the entire local campus as well as the hospital that’s about a block away.



With diverse demographics and open geographic environments, university campuses often present unique security challenges, and in this regard Howard University is no exception.


Rotterdam Community Patrol Program (PDF)

Segway Patrollers Are Critical To The Success Of Rotterdam’s Community Patrol Program

Designed with the patrolling officer in mind - learn more about the features of the Segway Patroller - Click Here

“We often use the units at town parades and festivals. They show a strong police presence in a new and different way. The Segway Patroller is a magnet; a great public relations tool. It draws citizens to officers and conversations begin, information is exchanged and crime is deterred.”
Captain Lorenzo Sheppard,
South Precinct Commander, Newport News Police Department

“I had some preconceived notions about the Segway Patroller, but it truly has surpassed all my expectations. I really believe these machines are the future of community law enforcement.”
Sergeant Rick Zerkel,
San Jacinto Police

Segway Patrollers allow me to move across campus quicker than if I were in my car. A ten minute drive across campus becomes a couple of minutes with the Segway Patroller.
Officer Jeannie Miller,
N.C. State University mounted patrol unit

Even more case studies can be found at Segway.com.