Emergency Response Teams

Patroller for EMS

In a crisis situation every second counts, which is exactly why the emergency medical service (EMS) industry embraces the Segway Patroller. EMS professionals riding the unit can:

  • Travel up to 12.5 mph, arrive at emergencies quickly, without fatigue and with the composure needed to address the situation
  • Accommodate Segway’s universal cargo plate and cargo bag options and conveniently carry the life saving medical equipment needed to treat patients until an ambulance arrives
  • Maneuver through crowds and tight spaces and even through doorways and into elevators

Case Studies

Please take a few moments to peruse EMS case studies to learn more about real-world implementation of the Segway Patroller.


Philadelphia Fire Department EMS Services (PDF)

Throughout the years, the Philadelphia Fire Department has prided itself on providing the most effective fire and emergency response to it’s’ citizens. The department purchased Segway® PTs for its Special Event Response Team (SERT).


Glendale Fire Department/Paramedics (PDF)

The Glendale Fire Department in Glendale, AZ is involved with a number of high-profile events, including the recent SuperBowl XLII. Emergency response, preparedness, and public safety are of paramount importance when planning for large-scale events and the Segway Patroller has become an instrumental tool.


Chicago Fire Department, EMS Division (PDF)

In June 2005, the Chicago Fire Department developed a Segway Patroller emergency response team that provided paramedic support during special events in the city’s downtown and lakefront area. The program was so successful that it was expanded to form an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Segway team that would patrol the city’s central business district on a daily basis.

Designed with the patrolling officer in mind - learn more about the features of the Segway Patroller - Click Here

“Our paramedics like the Segway PTs because they help them do their jobs more easily and quickly. They like the mobility, the ease of use in crowds, and the ability to travel distances in a short period of time. And the reactions of the public to our Segway PT paramedics are phenomenal.”
Captain Ray McCahery,
Philadelphia Fire Department

“The enormous footprint of the University of Phoenix Stadium and the West Gate Complex made the Segway Patrollers an invaluable asset for our personnel. This was particularly true for the fire marshals who had to cover a lot of check points in a short period of time.”
Deputy Chief Chuck Mongomery,
Glendale, AZ, Fire Department

Even more case studies can be found at Segway.com.