Hear From Owners

No one knows a Segway PT like someone who owns one. Hear from some of the many owners who share their personal stories and experiences from atop two wheels. There are thousands of personal Segway stories out there, real people using their Segway PTs in fun and productive ways. We’ve collected a few of them here:


Jeff Lauterette
 - A computer consultant from Washington, DC

Jeff Lauterette

In his 30’s
Computer Consultant and Co-owner of Mid Atlantic Consulting, Inc.
Washington, DC

I run a Macintosh Computer Consulting company in the Washington, DC area. Because of my job, I have to drive my car a couple miles about 3 to 4 times a day. Each time there is traffic that can take a half-hour to go 2 miles and parking fees of up to $25 per lot. Now I park in one lot, zip past traffic, and save up to $50 or $75 dollars a day.

Using the Segway PT also allows me to respond to computer emergencies more quickly. Since such emergencies bill at a higher rate, the Segway PT is making us more per week in addition to saving on the parking. I estimate several hundred dollars a week in savings due to my Segway PT.

In Washington DC, the cars practically run over pedestrians. But something funny happened to me the other day. I was at a crosswalk on my Segway PT with a “Do not walk” sign. Two cars stopped. I waved them on and they waived me on, so I crossed the street. I guess the attention the Segway PT gets is the same in any big city, but I was still amazed!

I drive from my house in Springfield, Virginia to Washington, DC and park in a local parking garage. I then take out my Segway PT and travel to my first client. I ride it right in the building, up the elevator, and park it out of the way. I try to plug it in at most client locations. During the day I will visit a few more clients the same way in DC and then finish my day back at the garage. If I have to leave DC and go to another city like Baltimore, the Segway PT comes with me. I bought an A/C inverter to charge my Segway PT while I am driving.

On weekends I work with the music industry. Bands like Jimmy Buffett, Aerosmith, Brooks and Dunn, and others. I usually bring the Segway PT out to shows, which allows me to get around backstage very easily. The band members also love to try it out, and some have even decided to buy them!

My goal is to educate people about the Segway PT. It is the people who don’t understand it or have never tried one themselves that often complain about it. I also try to make it a point that pedestrians still have the right of way; I will always stand still to let a pedestrian pass. Then when they say “Thank you!” I know that I am earning their respect.

Paul Evans - 
A junior high school teacher from Newport Beach, CA

Paul Evans

Not yet retired
Computer Teacher and Technical Coordinator
Ensign Intermediate School
Newport Beach, CA

I live on an island in Newport Harbor and got my Segway PT in March 2003. I teach junior high school computer applications and ride approximately 3 miles to work on my Segway PT a few days per week, depending on what other things I want to do. When I run errands or ride for fun, the Segway can be much more than just a means of transportation!

The island where I live, in fact all of Newport Beach, is a tourist area, especially in the summer. The Segway PT is a great way to get things done without having to compete with cars on the streets. Fortunately, I am not a shy person, as my Segway PT invariably starts conversations. People are curious… The more they have seen it on TV, the more questions they ask. It’s a natural ice-breaker.

The product exceeds expectations! Riding at the fastest speed and taking an extended run on the Segway PT is the only way to really experience the uniqueness and quality of the machine. Fantastic!

Jan and Bob Aiken
 - A report filed from the couple in Paris, France

Jan and Bob Aiken

From Jupiter, FL
A report filed from Paris, France

It’s twilight on our first night in Paris. We had just finished a gourmet meal in a cozy restaurant in the Latin Quarter and were crossing the Roosevelt Bridge on a lazy stroll back to our hotel when we saw it! My heart jumped! It has a habit of doing that when I encounter wonders like the view from the Eiffel Tour, vistas along the Mediterranean, famous works of art, or in this case….a Segway HT!

We had just read the news article about George Bush’s mishap with a Segway HT and the reporter’s “spin” regarding the future of non-petroleum fueled transportation. My guess is that George’s tumble will be no more significant regarding the future of the Segway PT than the first Wright Brothers airplane crash.

We were so excited to see the Segway PT that we signed up at Mike’s Bike Tours for the next evening run. After a brief but thorough introduction to the balancing intricacies of the Segway PT, we were off! Lean forward to go, lean backward to stop, twist the throttle on the left handlebar to make it turn right or left. It has three speeds, beginner (saves battery life), cruise and “get out of the way.” Top speed is 12.5 mph with a range of about 12 miles on a single charge. It didn’t take long before we could show off our skill with the “look Mom, no hands” maneuver.

John, our capable and enthusiastic tour guide from Texas A&M University, provided colorful commentary regarding the Parisian cityscape and historical sites. The excitement of using a Segway PT, PERIOD, was intense, but doing so in the city of Paris was pure heaven. Other pedestrians were just as excited to see us, except the French local who wanted to know how tourists found the ice cream parlor she thought was a well kept secret.

Mike’s Bike Tour had just added the Segway PT on June 5th and we were among the first one hundred people to try it. The Segway company is trying to expose the unit to the public and determine how well in can be used in urban settings. Paris was perfect because of the sidewalks, scenery, ramped curbs, etc. We suffered from a bit of ankle fatigue, but it may have been because we did a lot of walking prior to our ride. Learning how to balance was similar to your first solo ride on your two wheel bike. You soon get the hang of it. It was a bit clumsy getting off and like wrestling an alligator when you fall off!

Despite my fanny-flop caused by a slight miscalculation when ascending a curb between parked cars, Bob and I both agreed the Segway experience topped our recent hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley, California. (Hot air balloons were also a Parisian curiosity in their early introduction.) We shared our story with friends who were so interested they teased about changing their French country tour to include a stop in Paris just for the opportunity to ride a Segway PT.

As for the future of the Segway PT in human transportation, the possibilities seem endless. We talked about making a list of potential uses, then reviewing our ideas in 10 or 20 years to see how close we came! Who would have guessed the snowmobile, skateboard or dirt bike would become such big enterprises?

With the introduction of the horseless carriage, no one imagined 25 years later that a horse would be a pet and that a house would have a garage. Horse manure pollution spawned the automobile, will we seque from the automobile onto a battery powered, two wheeled moving transporter? The future is here. We’re ready!

Robert O'Sullivan
 - Engineering technician from Deer Park, TX

Robert M. O’Sullivan

26 years old
Engineering Technician
Deer Park, TX

I purchased my Segway PT mainly because I admire the technological marvel of it; it is a unique and eye-catching invention. During the course of the developments, as IT became Ginger, then becoming the Segway PT, I followed it with great enthusiasm and a sense of wonder not felt since I was a child at Christmastime. Once it was unveiled on Good Morning America, I wanted to know more, learn more, find out everything I could about how it worked. The Segway PT, for me, became more about the opportunity to change the way I did things, to lead the way in what will hopefully and eventually become the norm. In certain ways, the Early Adopters will be much like Columbus – discovering new places and leading the way into the future. Therein lies the greatest decision for me to purchase: innovation. It could, very easily, be the way we decide to get from Point A to Point B from here on out.

I use my Segway PT any time it’s too short to drive and too far to walk. I glide to the convenience store, to get groceries, to shop, and I get lunch every day on my Segway PT. I also take some evening courses at my local community college, and I use my Segway PT to get from my house to class two nights a week (8 miles round trip!). Taking my Segway PT into Downtown Houston is always a blast.

My experiences have been nothing short of incredible with the Segway PT. After three months of ownership, I can honestly say that purchasing my Segway PT has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve resided here for three years and, up until my Segway PT arrived, I knew maybe three or four neighbors. Now I know everyone in the whole neighborhood… not just my block; I’ve met and made friends with pretty much all of my neighbors. To me, the Segway PT represents a better way to move from Point A to Point B, but I think the greater implications of the Segway are that it stimulates conversation and is a very people-friendly device.

On top of the incredible technology behind the Segway PT, I think the greatest impact it could have on our society is not necessarily the way it may change how cities are built, but rather the sociological implications – boundaries erected by automobiles are no longer necessary, and the free exchange of dialogue and thoughts between pedestrian travelers flows freely without obstruction. Imagine a society where people were more inclined to visit and talk to one another, one where we could do more than just coexist on this planet together.

Typically, I load up the Segway PT in the trunk of my automobile and take it to work. At lunch time, I use the Segway PT to grab a meal and run errands that include going to the Post Office, convenience store, pharmacy, grocery store, and all those little trips that are too short to drive and too far to walk I’ve used the Segway PT to go to the hardware store as well, to get dinner for my wife and I, and I’ve also been in several parades. The response has always been amazing from passersby and the crowds love the Segway PT.

I firmly believe the Segway PT is the most incredible experience anyone could ever have with a transportation device. Riding a Segway PT is a liberating feeling that will tear down boundaries between you and everyone else. The Segway PT may well change the way cities are designed, but the sociological aspects of it will probably do much more. The Segway PT is a magical experience that will amaze you, take your breath away, and place the biggest smile on your face that you’ve ever had. You simply cannot put a price tag on happiness or fun but if you did, the Segway PT would be worth far more than you’d pay for it. It’s safe, stable, reliable, and Segway Inc. has the most incredible customer support and service of any company I’ve ever dealt with.

Start to finish, everything about Segway PT is top-notch and if you are teetering on the brink of purchasing one, don’t think twice about it. You’ll be in for the ride of your life!

Terry Perdue
 - Electronic engineer from Kenmore, WA

Terry Perdue

Electronic engineer
Kenmore, WA

One of my reasons for purchasing a Segway PT was that my six mile commute is within range, as are many services that I would normally drive to. So here was an appealing new piece of technology that I not only wanted, but could actually justify! I use it to go to the gym, which is at the top of a two mile long hill, the barber, post office, bank, and quick trips to the store. Since my wife commutes by public transportation, the need for being a two-car family has since become questionable.

No, I don’t normally dress up to ride it, (but I could, and I’d arrive at my destination without a wrinkle). I’ve met many nice people that I wouldn’t have otherwise; it’s a great ice-breaker.

The unique feeling of riding a Segway PT hasn’t diminished a bit for me in three months, and I continue to be amazed by it.

John C. Hertig - Mechanical engineer & healthcare executive from Boston, MA

owner-john-hertigJohn C. Hertig

51 years ol Mechanical Engineer & Healthcare Executive
Marina Bay (Boston), a suburban area on Boston Harbor

I use my Segway PT almost every day and I am having a great time being outside more. I have been all over my neighborhood and other areas of town where I live. When I need a break from work, I jump on the PT and off I go. I use it to go to the local stores, dropping off laundry, getting a haircut, even going to the dentist. Now that I have my front bag accessory installed, I will be able to run errands conveniently. Also it’s a great way to meet people. I have had nothing but positive reactions since I received my Segway PT. People are constantly stopping and asking me questions and chatting.

There is a boardwalk on the marina, near where I live, with a number of restaurants and shops. I enjoy the ride along the water and the ambience of the boardwalk. I stop to enjoy the sun, the ocean and many times to have lunch. I am often answering questions about the Segway PT and providing others with the chance to test it out. I am really amazed by the universal appeal of the PT. I have met couples in there 80’s who know all about it, as well as families with children. Everyone wants a ride of course.

I am quite excited about the opportunity I have, as a Segway PT owner, to educate and show others about this amazing technology and how it is positively affecting my life. I feel it is part of my duty to show others how this machine can easily integrate with pedestrians and cities. When I am describing my experiences riding the Segway PT, I find myself using the words “unbelievable, incredible, awesome” to summarize my feelings.

Jill McAlester
 - Company administrator from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Jill McAlester

58 years old
Company administrator for a software manufacturing company
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Before I bought my Segway PT, I barely spent time with my husband doing activities. I was unable to walk the dog with him, I would sit waiting while friends walked around the harbor, I stopped visiting shows, etc. I relied more on my gas guzzling SUV even for short trips.

Since my Segway PT has arrived, I have been on nightly “walks” with the hound and husband, “walked” the harbor many, many times, attended some local 5 and 10K road races as a spectator, visited flower shows, ridden to my volunteer job at the Gardening Angels, cruised the aisles at Home Depot, visited the local hospital for an appointment, cruised out for lunch from work, been for a manicure and pedicure, shopped the local grocery store, visited the post office, and given dozens and dozens of rides to interested people! All of this without having to find a parking place or buy gas. The novelty of being out in the fresh air again just doesn’t wear off!
“The novelty of being out in the fresh air again just doesn’t wear off on my Segway PT.”

To say that the Segway PT has changed my life sounds dramatic – but the change has been dramatic! It has far exceeded all of my expectations and has given me back so much that I thought was gone forever. Dramatic? Yes, but very true.

Clyde and Shy Bourgeois - 
Retired airport operators from Santa Ynez, CA

owner-clyde-shyClyde and Shy Bourgeois

83 and 64 years old
Retired airport operators
Santa Ynez, CA

We are retired airport operators in Santa Ynez, California. We purchased the Segway PT to get around the airport and to keep up with our grandchildren and dogs! We are using it for exactly those reasons and we are having fun. We use it just about everyday. We drive it to the Airport hangar and then use it all over the airport to get around.

Everybody is in awe of the Segway PT and they all love to try it out. It is very popular with everyone at the airport. We recommend that everyone try it; you’ll love it!

Gary London
 - Real estate economist and strategist from San Diego, CA

Gary London

50 years old
Real Estate Economist and Strategist
San Diego, CA

I am very excited about my recent purchase of the Segway Personal Transporter (PT). I use it to whisk around downtown San Diego, glide to meetings and overall, have fun. I find that it is a safe, reliable and incredibly efficient way to get around. The battery charges cheaply on the household current and I usually don’t require a parking space because I take it right in to office buildings.

On a typical day I will get on it to ride about a mile to visit a client along the B Street Corridor. I usually can open the door to the lobby of the highrise office building. I ride into the elevator and straight up to the client’s office. I might go to the bank. The security guards all know me now. I park the Segway right at their station and do my banking.

When I have a lunch appointment, I will ride the Segway into the restaurant and park next to my table. I live and work in a very dense urban setting. I find that I am the center of attention on the streets. When I am not in a hurry, I take time to answer people’s questions. When I have to get somewhere fast, I am polite as people ask questions, but usually answer by suggesting they visit the Segway web site.

The way that we get around our city ultimately will reshape it. I am happy to be a part in the reshaping of San Diego. I know that I won’t be seeing a flood of Segways on the sidewalks of San Diego in the near future, but like the auto, I am confident it will eventually become a part of our everyday life.

Dr. Craig Smith - 
Physician from Seattle, WA

owner-dr-craig-smithDr. Craig Smith

53 years old
Seattle, WA

I bought the Segway PT to commute to and use at work. The footprint is perfect for commuting. My commute is a 6.5 mile commute to work on Capital Hill near downtown. We bought a second one for my wife. She also uses her Segway PT to commute to work at a medical center as a nurse.

My experience has been superb, people comment when they see us riding by. We have many hills in Seattle and it has worked on even the more steep inclines without a glitch. The Segway PT allows me to utilize a clean form of transportation that will allow my children and my children’s children to live in a cleaner environment. It’s clean, it’s green. It’s light and environmentally right.

Gregory Carrier
 - Technology consultant from Houston, TX

Gregory Carrier

37 years old
Technology consultant
Houston, TX

I live in a small city within Houston, called Bellaire. I am within one mile of the center of Bellaire, which puts me within a few miles of most of its businesses and activities. I use my Segway PT to replace short car trips from my home and home office, such as buying groceries, meeting with others at nearby restaurants, and running local errands. And because you aren’t encased in a vehicle, people treat you more personally, making you more a part of the community as opposed to just a passing customer. When was the last time a stranger waved to you while you drove in a large city?
“Remember when you got excited about driving a car? The freedom and pleasure of riding on a Segway PT has you making excuses to run errands!”

I am a big believer and supporter of alternative energy, and the independence one gets from not relying on our current coal and oil power plants. My own home utilizes solar energy, and I wanted to reduce my transportation pollution as well. The Segway PT fits my needs wonderfully because it runs on so little electricity that I can actually charge it from my solar electric system.

Beth Goza - 
Product manager from Seattle, WA

owner-beth-gozaBeth Goza

31 years old
Product manager
Seattle, WA

Ever since the announcement last year I had been hoping there would be an opportunity to buy one. I have always been interested in transportation alternatives to the car, and my husband and I are currently a one car household. The Segway solves two problems – one, we now have another mode of transportation and two, I always love to have cool technology!
“What I like most about the Segway Personal Transporter is that it is fundamentally a relationship between human and machine – making technology accessible, relevant, and above all, fun!”

The Segway Personal Transporter is a very long-term investment. We purchased one in order to sell our second car – the Segway PT will be used for any trips that are ‘too close to drive and too far to walk’. The Segway PT is easier to use for trips to the grocery store or the cleaners, in which transporting a load is required. It helps to maintain your balance, negotiate rough or uneven terrain and get you to your destination safely. It is SO worth considering a Segway PT if you are looking for any sort of transportation alternatives.

David Vass - 
Director of tour programs and development from Miami, FL

David Vass

Director, Tour Programs & Development, SeaDream Yacht Club
Miami, FL

I have been using Segway PTs in SeaDream’s tour programs since December 2002, and so have had the pleasure of offering the PT experience to hundreds of people. I use an PT for my personal transport and enjoyment as well. I have yet to have a single negative reaction from anyone who has stepped on the platform. Truly understanding the PT, in my opinion, is a tactile experience. The visual is interesting, you can talk it up ’til the cows come home, but people just don’t “get it” until they are on it. Then, you don’t need words any longer. It is that intuitive and organic.

From my practical point of view as it relates to tourism, the PT offers a precious commodity when one travels-time. It gives you a way to get to sites faster, so it stretches the amount of things you can see. There are 23 miles of corridor in the Vatican Museum and Garden structure. Imagine how much more time you can have in the galleries if you could silently ‘glide’ down the corridors. There is no better way to tour the Art Deco district in Miami Beach, or lower Manhattan.

The Segway PT offers an easy and eco-friendly way to get from place to place without fumes or fuss. As a person who lives in Miami (which is hot all the time), and who organizes tours in many areas of the world, a big plus of the PT is that it creates a slight breeze as you glide from location to location, so you and your clothes arrive without feeling wet and over-heated!

The program I designed for SeaDream is strong on teaching basic Segway courtesies. Having traveled on the PT in several American cities and many international locations, I believe this courtesy can’t be stressed too much. Slowing down to the speed of a walker before passing them in tight quarters, not “sneaking up” on joggers, obeying the same common-sense rules and regs as walkers-all of these things help demystify the PT and prevent people from being defensive about sharing their walking space with us “gliders.”

I’ve ridden in boardrooms, on boardwalks and industrial piers. I’ve ridden through rain and over sand and snow, and the PT performs. Period.

When I go out on the PT for fun in South Beach, I share the Lincoln Road pedestrian area with bikers, skateboarders, rollerbladers and walkers. We all interact just fine, so long as we all obey the same rules. Candidly, I spend a lot of time giving total strangers little demo rides. However big the smile is on their face when they feel what the PT does, mine is double with the pleasure of having turned someone on to the 21st century’s first new way of transport. It’s a smile grabber!

Even more case studies can be found at Segway.com.