Police officers focused on community policing have called the Segway Patroller an invaluable tool. Officers who ride Patrollers agree that the most significant advantages to riding them are that they’re:

  • Visible and help project a stronger police presence
  • Able to efficiently patrol larger areas 3x faster than on foot and with less fatigue
  • Capable of traveling indoors, outdoors and over varied and uneven terrain
  • Empowered to easily facilitate positive interaction with the communities they serve
  • Able to proactively gather intelligence from citizens and ultimately prevent crime


Corporate and contract security firms are increasingly faced with the challenge of optimizing the efficiency and productivity of their security team in order to meet their client’s demanding requirements. Security officers that utilize Segway Patrollers appreciate its ability to:

  • Improve response time by traveling up to 12.5 mph
  • Trek indoors, outdoors, into elevators, up ramps and through doorways
  • Turn with a true zero radius, pivot within its own shoulder width footprint and maneuver in very tight spaces, including between parked cars
  • Traverse various terrain quickly and enable them to patrol vast areas to manage large crowds


The Segway Patroller is being deployed by a growing number of government agencies and military bases in an effort to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of security patrols, flight operations and maintenance crews, IT staff and public service personnel. The application of the Segway Patroller in these environments:

  • Helps staff in various roles to travel throughout large bases and vast facilities quickly
  • Allows riders to easily travel indoors, outdoors, through doorways and into elevators
  • Elevates the visibility, responsiveness and productivity of critical staff


In a crisis situation every second counts, which is exactly why the emergency medical service (EMS) industry embraces the Segway Patroller. EMS professionals riding the unit can:

  • Travel up to 12.5 mph, arrive at emergencies quickly, without fatigue and with the composure needed to address the situation
  • Accommodate Segway’s universal cargo plate and cargo bag options and conveniently carry the life saving medical equipment needed to treat patients until an ambulance arrives
  • Maneuver through crowds and tight spaces and even through doorways and into elevators

Frequently Asked Questions

Segway Patroller Models

From the top down, this new piece of patrolling arsenal has been designed with you in mind. You had visibility; we made you more visible with  über-reflective shields. You started adding on lights; we packaged them better (and made them brighter). You stuck your organization insignia wherever you could; we created a better place for it. You wanted to carry more; we made the bag bigger. You wanted to feel okay about dumping the unit if you had to; we added a bumper that enables you to do just that.  Take a look at the enhancements and you get why the Segway Patroller is the best choice for moving officers around and keeping people safer.

Optic yellow and white reflectivity

We noticed a trend in public safety – especially in Europe – with the increasing use of optic yellow to provide greater visibility of the rider. It is appearing in apparel, as decals on vehicles, and now it comes standard on the Segway Patroller. If it doesn’t jibe with your organization, there’s also white; both of which are made from 3M™ DiamondGrade™ reflective material. That’s the same high-grade stuff you see on street signs and vehicle edging. Shine a light at it and it shines right back at you with nearly blinding intensity.
You can choose black reflective identification lettering for police in multiple languages or security in English.

Red/blue or amber/white strobe lighting

Just below the top shield and above the center of the handlebar is a window that allows the integrated strobe lights to shine through. Choose between flashing red and blue or amber and white.

Tried-and-true technology

Each Segway PT uses patented dynamic stabilization technology that has been proven in the marketplace as a superior solution in crowded or tight venues. It empowers riders with unparalleled maneuverability (true zero turning radius) and a unique user interface that is so fluid we simply call it LeanSteer™ technology.



Segway Patroller i2 SE

Think about where you’ll be riding your Segway Patroller. If it’s mostly indoor or over smooth terrain, consider the  Segway Patroller i2 SE model. Its smaller tires help to maximize range; getting you up to 24 miles/39 km on a single charge.


Segway i2 SE Patroller - MORE INFO

The Segway Patroller i2 SE model provides the versatility you need to get the job done. Use it indoors and out for up to 24 mi/38 km on a single charge. It’s adaptable to many patrolling applications for law enforcement, private security, and emergency response. Choose the i2 SE for ultimate portability and to maximize your fleet storage space.

Need to travel over a variety of terrain? Consider the x2 SE model. It’s built just as tough and comes with knobby low-press tires that grip the grit. You can customize either model for your specific patrolling needs by choosing optic yellow or white reflectivity. From there, choose police or security labeling and whether or not you’d like red/blue or amber/white lights. Also available with white reflectivity LETTERING OPTIONS: – Police Lettering – Security Lettering

Segway Patroller x2 SE

If it’s more rugged terrain you’ll be traveling over outdoors, the x2 SE may be a better option for your organization. Its deeply treaded tires help carry you over dirt and loose gravel while providing for a comfortable ride.


Segway x2 SE Patroller - MORE INFO

The Segway Patroller x2 SE model is built tough for more rugged terrain. It’s well-suited for park patrols and traveling over downtown sidewalks that are in rough shape. x2 SE riders often tell us how much they enjoy the lower pressure tires, which help make a shift go by that much easier. The fender frames have a built-in lift point, which makes for an easy two-man lift point for loading in-and-out of transport vehicles. If smoother terrain is more your territory and maximizing range is important, consider the i2 SE for your patrol. It’s got all the performance you enjoy in the x2 SE, just in a smaller, more versatile package. You can customize either model for your specific patrolling needs by choosing optic yellow or white reflectivity. From there, choose police or security labeling and whether or not you’d like red/blue or amber/white lights. Also available with white reflectivityReflectivity LETTERING OPTIONS: – Police Lettering – Security Lettering

SE-3 Patroller

The SE-3 Patroller is for those missions that require a larger vehicle which can display a more visible and obvious security presence (even in a parked position without a rider aboard), or those situations that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle.


Segway SE-3 Patroller - MORE INFO

It’s a natural extension of Segway’s Patroller product line — an ideal match for missions that require a larger vehicle, which displays a more visible and obvious security presence (even in a parked position without a rider aboard), or that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol. Powered by multiple rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that can be charged at any standard electrical outlet or swapped out for replacement batteries to allow for continuous use, the SE-3 Patroller also features independent direct rear wheel drive, travels in reverse and turns in a very tight radius. The SE-3 boasts rugged Whelen® emergency lights, a headlight, brake light, siren and lockable storage, as well as a 4.3″ color display that is sunlight-readable, which provides the rider easy-to-understand operational data including speed, battery life and distance travelled. Segway quality — now also on three wheels.


Accessorize It Your Way

Customize your Segway PT SE with our new SegSolutions, packages exclusively designed for the PT SE to optimize them for any lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to make your job easier, your commute shorter, your trek through the woods more adventurous or you just want it to get you from point A to point B as quickly, and as fun, as possible there’s a SegSolution for you. Check out our patroller accessories here.
To place an order, please contact us at, or order directly fro our webstore.

Patroller Procurement Options

Police departments, law enforcement agencies and private security firms are using Segway Patrollers more than ever before to improve their community policing programs. For more information on Grants, Sponsorships, or Leasing please CLICK HERE


What is a Segway Patroller?

The Patroller is a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) that was designed with the direct input of trusted law enforcement and security professionals. It has been proven to improve community policing programs by increasing an officer’s interaction, visibility and responsiveness. The Segway Patroller is most frequently used in downtown areas, airports, entertainment venues, hotels and convention centers as a patrolling tool. Today, it is the world’s indisputable #1 personal transportation solution for the police and security markets.

How many police departments use the Segway Patroller?

The Segway Patroller has been deployed in more than 1,500 police departments and public safety organizations across the globe.

How does the Segway Patroller move?

The Segway Patroller senses the lean of the rider with the assistance of five micro- machined angular rate sensors and two accelerometers that sense the angle of the unit with respect to gravity at 100 times per second. It balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean. If you lean forward the Patroller applies motor torque to the wheel to push it forward, bring you upright and balance you. When you lean back, it applies reverse torque to slow you down and balance you accordingly. The Segway Patroller’s LeanSteer™ technology encourages riders to lean and move from Point A to B. It does so by using the sideways lean measurements of the rider, along with the roll angle of the platform, to generate acceleration. Gently move the handlebar and LeanSteer frame in the direction you want to travel and feel the Patroller respond.

Is the Segway Patroller more efficient than a car?

Yes. The Segway Patroller is 11 times more efficient than the average American car1 and over 3 times more efficient than even the highest-mileage scooters. As a zero- emissions vehicle, the Segway Patroller can also go indoors. It does draw electric power during recharge, but that electricity causes 14 times less greenhouse gas emissions2 than a car. Click here to review our whitepaper, The Role of the Segway PT in Emissions Reduction and Energy Efficiency. 1 2US Environmental Protection Agency

How fast can the Segway Patroller travel?

Each Segway Patroller is equipped with two operational settings, ‘beginner’ or ‘turtle’ mode and ‘standard’ mode. The beginner setting is set to 6 mph/13 kph and the standard setting is set to travel up to 12.5 mph/20 kph. 12.5 mph is roughly equivalent to a 5-minute mile.

How far can a Segway Patroller go on a single charge?

On a single charge the Patroller i2 SE can support up to 24 miles/38 km of travel, while the Patroller x2 SE can support a trip of up to 12 miles/19 km. Keep in mind that travel distances are dependent on payload, riding style and terrain. In addition, batteries will recharge when traveling down hills.

How do you charge a Segway Patroller?

A standard wall outlet charges a Segway Patroller’s batteries. To fully recharge the batteries from empty requires 8-10 hours. However, your unit may be plugged in at any time to top off its charge.

Does the Segway Patroller have weight limits?

Yes. Segway sets weight limits for rider safety and to reduce the risk of damage to a Segway Patroller. A rider must not be less than 100 lbs. (45 kg). The Patroller’s maximum payload (which includes the rider and all cargo) is 260 lbs. (117 kg). The total weight of any handlebar cargo plus any additional attachments hanging from the handlebar should not exceed 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).

Will the Segway Patroller fit in the trunk of a patrol car?

Yes. A single unit will fit into most car trunks and multiple units will easily fit in a van or truck bed. The Patroller’s LeanSteer frame detaches from the powerbase to give you more flexibility when transporting it. The height of a LeanSteer frame may be adjusted to ensure a rider’s comfort. This also allows the unit to be stored more easily. Keep in mind that the Tool-less Release Accessory, which is available for purchase, can be used to easily detach the LeanSteer frame from the base.

Do you offer Segway Patroller training programs?

Absolutely. Training is very important to the successful implementation of a Segway Patroller fleet. Our program includes a product orientation as well as a thorough review of operating procedures, riding techniques, safety information and more. We even offer a ‘Train the Trainer’ program to ensure that police and public safety customers are empowered to be self sufficient and can conveniently train new riders.

Where can I find Segway Patroller user materials and training documentation?

Click here for user materials. A training and implementation overview is part of the thorough training you will receive once units have been purchased.