Case Studies

Learn more about the many Segway uses. Police, government, businesses and individuals alike are using the Segway PT to enhance their daily activities.

The Segway PT is a natural fit for patrol applications, which often include local and municipal police and commercial security environments. It’s the productivity tool for faster response time, greater officer visibility and maneuverability, and fatigue reduction, enabling officers to perform their daily routine more efficiently.

Commercial applications boast increases in employee productivity, visibility, and efficiency, while using cost-effective technology that reduces fuel dependency and heavy maintenance expenses. Your bottom line is already looking better.

Individuals use the eco-friendly, convenient, and easy-to-learn Segway PT for their local transportation needs. Far less expensive than an automobile, owners save thousands of dollars on fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking. Without sitting in lines of stopped traffic or adjusting to mass transit schedules, you’ll have more time to enjoy the rest of your day.



segway usesCommercial Security: Bridgeport, CT Police Department

Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a picturesque waterfront city of 140,000 people located on the Long Island Sound between New York and Boston. Known as “Park City” for its beautiful Seaside and Beardsley Parks, Bridgeport covers an area of 12.5 square mi/20 km and encompasses many ethnically diverse neighborhoods and a dynamic business community.


Segway usesCommercial Security: Howard University

Howard University campus police in Washington D.C. are using the Segway PT to secure their urban campus. The fleet installation has widened the patrolled areas of the campus where cruisers were previously unable to reach. The officers report an improvement in the morale and visibility of officers, increased ground coverage, and a reduction in the department’s fuel costs.


Faced with a mile-long main concourse in the new McNamara Terminal and an 800-foot passenger tunnel connecting the concourses, the Detroit Metropolitan Airport police were looking for new ways to efficiently patrol their bustling facility. According to Sergeant James McKernan, the Airport Authority found a solution in the Segway PT.




IconCommercial Security: Sonae Sierra

Sonae Sierra, Lisbon, Portugal, is one of the largest owners, developers and managers of shopping malls in Europe. Since its incorporation in 1989, it has earned a stellar reputation for innovation and its integrated approach to ownership, development and management. The company currently owns or co-owns 43 shopping centres in six countries, including 19 centres in Portugal alone. Another 15 properties are currently in development.


IconWarehousing/Logistics: Baker Tankhead Inc.

Baker Tankhead, Inc. a Fort Worth, Texas industrial manufacturer with a nine-acre campus, uses Segway PTs to increase their employees’ productivity, range, and maneuverability among the multiple buildings. Read more to learn how the Segway PT has enabled personnel to travel indoors and out, staying fresh and productive throughout the day.


People from around the world have been drawn to the magic of the Walt Disney World® Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida since it opened in 1971. The resort is expansive, covering more than 20,000 acres of property, and operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The sheer magnitude of space, quantity of guests and round-the-clock work environment, create operational challenges few other organizations ever encounter.